Pharmacy Guild joins the digital champions

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has become an industry association member of the federal government’s Small Business Digital Champions Project.

The project is aimed at helping Australian small businesses, such as community pharmacies, unlock the potential of technology to revolutionise their operations and extend their reach.

“We see this as just one way we can help [our] members grow and maintain sustainability for their businesses,” Guild National President George Tambassis said.

During the project, 100 Australian small businesses will be selected for comprehensive digital transformation under the mentorship of a high-profile business leader who has leveraged technology for their business’s success.

The importance of using technology to its highest potential is reflected in the Deloitte’s ‘Connected Small Businesses 2017’ report, which found that when small businesses are digitally engaged, they are:

  • Fifty per cent more likely to be growing revenue.
  • Eight times more likely to be creating jobs.
  • Seven times more likely to be exporting.
  • Fourteen times more likely to be innovating new products or services.


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