‘Sisterhoodies’ arrive at Priceline Pharmacies

Throughout the month of July, Priceline Pharmacy stores across Australia will showcase ‘Sisterhoodies’ rather than Ben Casey shirts, all in a bid to help the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation reach its $10 million fundraising milestone.

Designed by Priceline ambassador Chrissie Swan together with fashion designer Rebecca Thompson, the exclusive range ‘Sisterhoodies’ celebrate and champion women and symbolise the love, compassion, strength and support that the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation is grounded on.

Speaking about the ‘Sisterhoodies’ campaign and design process, Ms Swan says she was “chuffed to work on this campaign with [her] best friend, Rebecca”.

“Strong women wear their hearts on their sleeves, so I can’t wait to see Aussies flocking to their local Priceline to support this worthy cause and help the foundation reach its $10 million goal,” she said.

The campaign will run from 1-27 July, and will enable Australians who shop at Priceline and round up their purchase by $3 or more to enter the draw to win one of 400 exclusive ‘Sisterhoodies’.

Richard Vincent, Priceline Sisterhood Foundation Chairman, and API CEO and Managing Director says he looks forward to seeing Priceline Pharmacy stores and customers get behind the ‘Sisterhoodies’ campaign.

“After the couple of years we’ve all experienced, the importance of connection and kinship has never been more understood,” he said.

“Priceline Pharmacies were pillars of strength for their communities during challenging times and we continue to support Australian women and their families every day through the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation.

I look forward to seeing our stores and customers get behind the Sisterhoodie campaign this month, and to see 400 lucky Australians wear their bespoke hoodies with pride.”

The Priceline Sisterhood Foundation was established in 2011 after Sir Bob Geldof spoke at a Priceline Pharmacy event and inspired the brand to use its store network to give back to the community.

The Foundation has raised more than $8.65 million to date, and supports four Charity Partners: Dementia Australia, Motherless Daughters Australia, PANDA and Raise Foundation.

For more information on the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation and the Sisterhoodies campaign visit: priceline.com.au/sisterhood or pricelinesisterhoodfoundation.com.au.


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