TerryWhite Chemmart: supporting talent in community pharmacy

Staffing and recruitment are significant challenges for pharmacy owners. Despite unemployment rates being low, pharmacy teams have met the increased demand for pharmacy services. Pharmacy staff continue to show their capacity for resilience, care, and compassion.

The TerryWhite Chemmart network continues to promote the benefits of a community pharmacy career path. By bringing together stories of why community pharmacy staff love what they do, from starting the day with a purpose to leading the frontline on vaccination.

The TerryWhite Chemmart Intern Development Program has been refreshed and revitalised for 2023; it is designed to develop interns and early career pharmacists to become health leaders of the future, embedded in the heart of every community.

The program aims to support the network partners to be an employer of choice through training, market-specific job ad placements and a dedicated careers portal to find top-quality pharmacists and pharmacy schools at leading Australian Universities.

TerryWhite Chemmart Executive General Manager Nick Munroe said that in collaboration with network partners, TerryWhite Chemmart is continuing to respond to industry issues, develop solutions, and maintain successful programs to ensure quality health outcomes are delivered to all Australians.

“We all know that community pharmacies are struggling with workforce shortages and workforce distribution inequities; the work that we are doing to support our Network Partners is a comprehensive program, recognising community pharmacy’s vital role in healthcare,” said Mr Munroe.

Speaking about the Intern Development Program TerryWhite Chemmart, Chief Pharmacist Brenton Hart said, “There are many passionate pharmacy students looking forward to providing outstanding patient care in community pharmacies, our program will provide interns with two streams of education and support which aim to solidify their skillset from university and assist them to translate this to deliver health care. As a network, we will foster business, retail, leadership, and managerial skills for future career progression”.

The TerryWhite Chemmart Employer of Choice program aims to create a positive impact on the workforce behind community pharmacies in Australia and assist pharmacy owners to recruit the best possible candidates to fulfil their team vacancies.

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