Top pharmacy assistant named

Alice Vanderpol from Moama Village Pharmacy in NSW is now the 2018 Pharmacy Guild of Australia/Maxigesic Pharmacy Assistant of the Year.

Ms Vanderpol was chosen from more than 750 nominations and awarded the title at the yearly Pharmacy Assistant National Conference on the Gold Coast. As the 2018 National Pharmacy Assistant of the Year, Ms Vanderpol will be awarded more than $10,000 in cash, prizes and educational opportunities.

“This is a huge achievement,” Ms Vanderpol said. “All of the other state winners were amazing, so I’m really proud to be chosen as the National Pharmacy Assistant of the Year.

“I’m looking forward to embracing new opportunities in the next 12 months and encouraging pharmacy assistants from all over Australia not only to value the work we do, but also the contribution we make to community pharmacy. It’s important and we make a difference.”

Pharmacy Guild of Australia Group Executive Pharmacy Transformation Group and National Judge Colm Maguire said: “This award reinforces the importance of pharmacy assistants in community pharmacy across Australia.

“The work of pharmacy assistants is integral in ensuring that community pharmacies are patient-focused healthcare providers and successful, community-minded small businesses.

“With over 350 million patient visits every year, pharmacy assistants are one of the biggest contributing factors to why pharmacies enjoy such high levels of public support and customer satisfaction.

“On behalf of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, I’d like to congratulate Alice on being awarded the prestigious, 2018 National Pharmacy Assistant of the Year Award.”

General Manager (Aust) of award sponsor AFT Pharmaceuticals Calvin MacKenzie said:

“It’s inspiring to learn about the contributions of pharmacy assistants who are so dedicated, innovative and committed to making a real difference in their pharmacies by putting patients first.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia/Maxigesic Pharmacy Assistant of the Year Award is the premier award for pharmacy assistants in Australia.

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