Walk for your heart

National Heart Week 2018 is the time for all Australians to reflect on the importance of including physical activity in their daily routine.
The Minister for Sport, Senator Bridget McKenzie, said it doesn’t matter how old or young a person is, participating in regular physical activity is good for general health and wellbeing.

“As Minister for Sport, I want to see more Australians, more active, more often,” she said. “Research shows that if all Australians walked briskly for 15 minutes a day, five days a week, the national chronic disease burden due to physical inactivity would be slashed by 13 per cent.”

Ms McKenzie said the Prime Minister’s ‘One Million Steps’ campaign was one of many ways the government was working to support people to make healthy choices and live healthier lives.

“The Prime Minister’s ‘One Million Steps’ started on March 25 and runs until August 11,” Ms McKenzie said. “It is part of the Healthy Heart Initiative, which aims to increase support for people’s activity levels and healthy lifestyles to prevent chronic disease.

“The coalition government has provided $10 million to the Heart Foundation to implement the Prime Minister’s ‘One Million Step’s as well as a physical activity innovation challenge in schools, universities and the general community.

“Statistics for the first month are very pleasing, with participants utilising the new Heart Foundation Walking app accumulating more than 1.4 billion steps.”

Joining the Prime Minister’s ‘One Million Steps’ is easy and free, as an individual or as part of a Heart Foundation walking group. Visit: walking.heartfoundation.org.au/ or download the new Heart Foundation Walking app via the app store.

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