Additional videos for HPs to improve asthma techniques


The National Asthma Council Australia is launching six additional instructional videos on device techniques that have been added to its popular “how-to” online video library.

There are are three new videos that clearly demonstrate how to self-administer monoclonal antibody therapies via an auto injector or a pre-fill syringe, one video on inhaler device technique and two on nasal spray techniques.

Marg Gordon, Registered Nurse, Asthma and Respiratory Educator at the National Asthma Council Australia says that although the videos are a patient tool, they strongly encourage all health professionals to watch them to refresh their memory on key asthma medications.

“Australian research studies have reported that only around 10% of patients use the correct technique for their prescribed medication which is extremely concerning.

“The steps for using an inhaler device correctly differ between brands and incorrect inhaler technique when using maintenance treatments can increase the risk of severe flare-ups and hospitalisation for people with asthma or COPD.

“Incorrect use of inhaled corticosteroids can also increase the risk of side-effects like dysphonia and oral thrush.

“Most patients with asthma or COPD have not had their technique checked or corrected by a health professional and yet this can improve asthma outcomes and is one of the most crucial steps before considering stepping up treatment.

“We would encourage all health professionals to direct their patients to the library to help them understand how their medication works and how to take it correctly, which will make it easier for them to stick with their treatment,” she says.

Ms Gordon said that community pharmacists in particular should reinforce correct technique by reassessing technique and repeating the training when dispensing inhalers.

“It’s easier to learn how to take the medications when someone shows you how and the new videos follow the same format of other videos in the library where an “instructor” explains and in some cases demonstrates the correct device technique for the “patient” first, followed by the “patient” repeating the same steps as instructed,” says Ms Gordon.

The National Asthma Council Australia’s how-to video library already has a comprehensive collection of asthma, COPD and allergy medication device technique videos that demonstrate the correct technique for using each device and have been viewed over 835,000 times.

All videos are now available at: