APC seeks input

Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) says the pharmacy profession and other stakeholders are being urged to have their say on the review of accreditation standards for pharmacy degrees and intern training programs.

An APC statement says the standards are due for a review to reflect the current and future needs of the profession and the public.

“The development of accreditation standards has a significant impact on the future of pharmacist training and the standard and quality of pharmacy that emerges post university and intern training,” APC CEO Bronwyn Clark said.

“Now is the time to take this opportunity to examine the direction in which accreditation standards are shifting and to have some influence over their development for the benefit of the profession and the public. This includes responding to the questions raised in the recently released final report of the accreditation-systems review completed for health ministers.”

As background to this review, APC has published a review of international health-profession accreditation practices.

A number of areas for consideration are raised in the report, along with issues identified through early consultation with key stakeholders, and together these form part of the questions within the consultation document.

APC expects to have available the draft version of the standards in March/April 2019.

To participate in the review, visit: www.pharmacycouncil.org.au/standards-review

The profession can give APC their feedback up until COB November 28, 2018.


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