Hacking the internet of medical things

By Hugh Darvall, Flexera Software Director Australia and New Zealand. From smart fridges and water coolers to the connected home and office, the internet of things (IoT) is a revolution that has brought with it endless possibilities. At the other end of the spectrum, there are serious concerns around the …

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Are you getting ROI and VOI on your corporate health program?

There is a growing trend for Australian companies to invest in wellness programs and their human capital. A study by PwC in 2010 estimated that the cost of absenteeism to the economy was $7 billion a year. And with one in five Australians living with some form of chronic diseases, …

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Why friendships are important at work

Organisations often talk about culture, but rarely consider the role that having friends at work plays in creating a healthy, dynamic and productive working environment. There’s no doubt that workplaces are complex environments – a melting pot of people with varying ideas, assumptions, experiences, expectations and ambitions. They can also …

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