CH2 joins as RUM bin distributor

All of CH2’s distribution centres now have Return Unwanted Medicines (RUM) bins in stock, so pharmacies for whom CH2 is their main wholesaler can access RUM bins once again.

RUM Project Manager Toni Riley says pharmacies ordering RUM bins will need to do so using their usual ordering method. The portable data entry (PDE) code for a RUM bin is 2413909. No more than five RUM bins can be ordered at any one time.

When the RUM bin is full and ready to be returned, a Goods Return Advice must be organised by calling customer service before the sealed RUM bin can be returned to the distribution centre, Ms Riley says.

All other full-line wholesalers carry RUM bins as well and pharmacies can order from their wholesaler as required.

PDE codes for each of the wholesalers are below for easy reference.

API 700 088
CH2 2413909
National Pharmacy Distributors 547 638
Sigma 700 088
Symbion 447579


“Over the past few years community pharmacies have enjoyed the luxury of usually being able to order RUM bins when required but this may not always be the case if collections continue to increase at the current rate,” Ms Riley said.

“The RUM Project may have to ration the number of bins delivered each month to ensure that the program remains viable.

“But there is a way that all pharmacies can help. Not too surprisingly RUM bins contain a lot of packaging – in fact almost 50 per cent of the volume of contents of RUM bins is packaging. So, if every pharmacy helped out by removing packaging from all returned medicines before putting them into the RUM bin, pharmacies should continue to have RUM bins available for use,” Ms Riley said.

For any further questions contact the RUM Project Manager on 1300 650 835.

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