Guild launches Childhood Immunisation Program for Covid-19

The Childhood Immunisation Program for Covid-19 was launched on Sunday 9 January with National President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Professor Trent Twomey’s two children, Scarlett and Archer, being vaccinated at his pharmacy in Cairns.

Professor Twomey says the program, under which children aged 5-11 are eligible from today [10 January 2022] to receive Covid-19 vaccinations, was an important step in Australia’s efforts to protect people against the virus.

“I urge parents with children in this age group to get their children vaccinated for their protection and also for those around them,” says Professor Twomey.

“It is a two-shot program with the vaccines being administered eight weeks apart.

“Importantly the vaccine is safe and effective.

“Research has shown no serious reactions in children aged 5-11 who received the vaccine, and the most common side effect is a bit of a sore arm.

“And it is highly effective with the research showing it to be 90 per cent effective at preventing confirmed Covid-19 cases.”

Professor Twomey says more than 1,500 community pharmacies across Australia had signed up to deliver the vaccine to the 5-11 age group.

“You only need to go to and you will be able to find a pharmacy that is part of the program,” says Professor Twomey.

“I encourage everyone to book as I have no doubt there will be high demand as parents look to keep their children safe.”




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