Mundipharma in deal to distribute Penthrox

Mundipharma has entered an exclusive Australian distribution agreement with Medical Developments International (MVP) for the non-opioid pain medication Penthrox (methoxyflurane).

Penthrox is self-administered through a custom-built inhaler under the supervision of a treating healthcare practitioner and should bring pain relief in six to 10 breaths. It is indicated for short-term relief of moderate-to-severe pain associated with trauma or interventional medical procedures in conscious patients.

Penthrox has been used by Australian ambulance services for more than 40 years and is also used in hospitals and the Australian Defence Force, and by GPs.

“Options for pain relief are limited in many clinical settings, particularly GP procedure rooms, so we welcome the opportunity to help address this important clinical need,” Mundipharma Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Jane Orr said.

“Mundipharma has provided medicines for the management of pain and worked collaboratively with healthcare professionals to provide education on pain management for more than 20 years in Australia, so Penthrox is an ideal fit for our business,” she said.

Mundipharma will be responsible for sales and marketing of Penthrox, while MVP will continue to maintain relationships with key channels, including ambulance.

“Mundipharma has a very strong presence in the pain therapeutic area with broad sales force coverage across Australia,” MVP CEO John Sharman said. “Mundipharma’s significant expertise in pain management and history of providing valued information to healthcare professionals will be great for both businesses, healthcare professionals and patients.”

Mundipharma says this agreement reaffirms the company’s interest in adding non-opioid pain management options to its portfolio, and its commitment to the multimodal approach, which includes physical therapies, cognitive behavioural therapies and pharmacological therapies. It follows its 2018 acquisition of two wearable physical therapy pain management devices, ActiPatch and PAINmate.

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