Pharmacists to deliver on current and future challenges

Following the release of the Australian Government’s Intergenerational Report 2023, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has called for pharmacists to support Australia’s healthcare needs.

The report details five major factors affecting public policy. Specifically, the report details that Australia’s aging population and the rise in demand for care and support services will add further pressure on the health system, and emergency departments, and further exacerbate wait times in General Practice.

PSA National President Dr Fei Sim FPS said the report highlighted the urgent need for pharmacists in all practice areas to work to their full scope.

“The Federal Government’s Intergenerational Report confirmed that our gaining population will continue to have a significant impact on the Australian economy,” she said.

“Combined with the rising demand for quality health care services, we must be able to ensure the long-term sustainability of our health system.

“Access to care is a growing issue in Australia, and the situation is exacerbated in rural and remote communities.

“Australians need all health professionals working to their top of scope – including pharmacists.”

The Federal Government recently announced that Professor Mark Cormack will be leading the Unleashing the Potential of our Health Workforce Review, to be delivered in 2024.

“The government’s scope of practice review needs to heed the warnings of the Intergenerational report and unlock the potential of our health workforce using pharmacists,” Dr Sim said.

“Pharmacists are highly trained health professionals and should be supported to practise to full scope, contributing to sustainability of our health system to enable equitable access to healthcare by all Australians.

“There are a range of common ailments which can be safely and effectively managed by pharmacists, supported by international evidence, facilitating safe and timely care.

“This can only be achieved with meaningful investment and funding to empower pharmacists to deliver important health care to Australians.

“Pharmacists can, and should, play a significant role to improve Australian’s access to care, and contribute towards quality, safe and effective use of medicines in all parts of the healthcare system.

“On behalf of Australian pharmacists, I congratulate Professor Cormack on his appointment and look forward to working with and his team on the Unleashing the Potential of our Health Workforce Review,” Dr Sim concluded.

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