Pharmacy industry updates at Pharmacy Connect

This year’s Pharmacy Connect conference will feature two key sessions on how the pharmacy industry has performed over the last two years and where the industry now needs to be heading.

The first of the two update sessions will be presented by Guild National President, Professor Trent Twomey and Chair of the Guild’s Health Economics and Policy Committee, Anthony Tassone, and will provide a strategic overview of how the Guild is helping to shape a viable and satisfying career pathway for pharmacists.

“2022 has been a busy year in pharmacy, with continued Covid-19 impacts, a federal election, as well as a number of states having just completed or about to have a state election,” Pharmacy Connect Convenor and former Guild National President, Kos Sclavos AM said.

“Key clinical projects expanding the role of pharmacists have also been announced.

“Don’t miss this session if you wish to find out how this impacts not only pharmacists but the industry in general,” he said.

The second industry update session will be presented by Principal Consumer Health, Real World and Analytics Solutions for IQVIA, Sashi Anantham, and will focus on pharmacy performance during Covid-19 by looking at data from key categories.

“As we slowly exit the Covid-19 pandemic, data will indicate where the opportunities for the near future present. Developing a strategy without this data is nearly impossible,” Mr Sclavos said.

Mr Anantham has worked extensively in the commercial advisory space for both prescription and consumer health/OTC businesses.

“His current focus is on understanding how OTC markets evolve in response to consumer behaviour, particularly since the onset of Covid-19.”

In addition to these industry updates, the Pharmacy Connect program will also feature business-focused sessions on buying and selling pharmacies, setting and maintaining a budget and forecasting, and the impact of the economic environment on health and pharmacy services.

To view the full Pharmacy Connect conference program and to register at the early bird rate before 28 July, visit

Pharmacy Connect is the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s key event in the second half of the year and is being held on 1-3 September at the Hilton Sydney.


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