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Choice: ministers must act to fix sugar labelling

Consumer advocate Choice says health ministers must improve food labels so that foods high in added sugar receive lower Health Star Ratings. “The Health Star Rating system is meant to help people understand which [products] are healthier than others,” Choice Policy & Campaigns Adviser Linda Przhedetsky said. “Health Stars are …

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ASMI say yes but Choice slams it

The Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) has urged federal senators to pass into law the Therapeutic Goods (Permissible Indications) Determination No 1 of 2018, which it says is a key reform designed to assist consumers to make informed decisions about the complementary medicines (CMs) they select. ASMI says that under …

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Out-of-pocket pain: the $10,000 issue

A national survey by the Consumers Health Forum of Australia has found that out-of-pocket medical bills exceeding $10,000 have become commonplace for patients with breast cancer and certain chronic conditions. The ‘Out of Pocket Pain’ survey drew 1,200 responses, many from people shocked to learn that despite having health insurance …

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