Wizard steps up professional development with new proprietor program

Wizard Pharmacy has officially launched Step Up to Proprietor with its inaugural cohort commencing the nine-month leadership journey to gain valuable skills and knowledge to help them become successful Wizard Pharmacy franchisees.

The program, part of the Wizard Development Academy, was designed exclusively by the brand’s People and Culture team with input from Wizard Chief Executive Officer Lyndon Dyson, Chief Operating Officer Sally Parker and Chief Financial Officer Duncan Hannay.

Step Up to Proprietor covers everything from people, culture, data and business performance drawing from the schools of positive and behavioural psychology facilitated by strengths-based approaches to understand behaviour, motivation and culture to support the delivery of operational and service excellence.

Speaking about the inspiration for the program, Wizard Pharmacy People and Culture Coach Natalie Naidoo said the team recognised an opportunity to enhance the capability of their people by creating a unique program that goes beyond the traditional approaches to learning and development approaches for emerging business owners.

“Our vision and mission are always connected to helping people be at their very best, and as a brand, we want to be people’s number one choice when it comes to choosing who they partner with to help them get there.

This program develops pharmacists into confident and future-focused disruptors of the industry with a path forward paved with ways in which they can learn to think differently, strategically and boldly, to execute their vision and facilitate personal ambitions.

We understand that they all have their reasons for wanting to become a proprietor and, no matter what they are, this program is a support mechanism to get them there- we want to see their hopes and ambitions come true,” said Naidoo.

Wizard Pharmacist and participant Nancy Rostom commended Wizard Pharmacy Services on the program they have created and is confident it will help her develop the character and charisma needed to create a legacy and become a role model and leader for others.

“This course, along with Customer Success, has brought Wizard Pharmacy to a new standard where no other pharmacy has gone before and will significantly impact the next generation of Wizard proprietors.

When I think of professional development, competing with Wizard Pharmacy’s ability to continuously thrive and grow on all levels is a challenge that I don’t believe another pharmacy brand could meet,” said Rostom.

Wizard Pharmacy franchisee Katrina Martin, completing the program after becoming a proprietor last year, said she hopes to develop deep and meaningful relationships with those travelling along the same career path as her.

“Whether someone is 12 months ahead of me in the journey or yet to embark on the road of proprietorship, I believe we all have something to offer each other.

With the skills I learn in this program, I ultimately would love to become a mentor and help those thinking about joining the Wizard family,” said Martin.

Step Up to Proprietor participants have direct access to organisational coaches throughout the program and are supported by Wizard Pharmacy’s C-suite team, who provide mentorship along the journey.

For more information or to register your interest in Wizard Pharmacy’s Step Up to Proprietor, please visit wizardpharmacy.com.au/stepup.


Text by: Wizard Pharmacy

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