Your baby doesn’t come with a book

Acclaimed Australian paediatrician, podcaster and father of three, Dr Daniel Golshevsky –also known as “Dr Golly” – is on a mission to empower parents with knowledge and confidence to ensure they thrive not just survive the first four weeks of parenthood.

Dr Golshevsky’s first book will launch on 20 September 2023 and will provide a comprehensive, accessible, and reassuring guide to prepare for the first few days and weeks of parenting.

Your Baby Doesn’t Come With a Book distils Dr Golly’s extraordinary and distinct (professional and personal) experience into an essential guide for first-time parents.

The book covers an extensive list of everything parents need to know including:

  • Preparing their home
  • What dads can do
  • Understanding their baby’s cues
  • How to feed, settle, swaddle and bath a baby
  • PLUS Dr Golly’s famous active burping technique

“As a father of three, I know that becoming a parent is a remarkable and life-changing experience. Parenting newborns is one of the most exhilarating roller coasters life has to offer – the first four weeks, in particular, are an incredible time, but they can be overwhelming as babies don’t come with an instruction manual,” said Dr Golshevsky.

“Over the past decade working in clinics, I’ve looked after thousands of newborns. Yet when I had my own gorgeous children, we faced unexpected challenges. During that period, a comprehensive resource like Your Baby Doesn’t Come With a Book would have been instrumental in helping build our knowledge and confidence.

“I’m extremely passionate about supporting other families to become happier and healthier, and hope this book helps to bring those navigating parenthood for the first time some peace of mind. If I want new parents to take away anything from this book it’s to know ‘you’ve got this’. There’s no better parent for your baby than you,” Golshevsky added.

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